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June 5, 2017
This week we are entering the home stretch on the budget, as conference committees are beginning to be scheduled. Please watch for updates throughout the week, as many times these are scheduled the day before. House Natural Resources will be taking up a bill on the use of the Refined Petroleum Fund, as well as a presentation from the Michigan Waste and Recycling Association.



On the floor:
  • SB 157 – A bill to change the procurement process for water pipes to include all types of pipe
  • SB 302 – Would change numerous provisions surrounding public land use and management
  • SB 303 – Changes the uses for the Land Exchange Facilitation Fund
  • HB 4286 – A bill to provide for a way to add or remove districts from an intercounty drain district
  • SB 316 – Repeals certain prohibitions on the taking of frogs
In Committee:


  • HB 4540 – Extends fee sunsets on fees for wastewater and drinking water certifications
  • HB 4541 – Extends sunset on fees for training programs for certified operators
On the floor:
  • HB 4207 – Would provide incentives to develop grocery stores that carry healthy food in food deserts
In Committee:
Energy Policy will meet on Tuesday (6/6) at 9:00 am to take up:
  • HB 4482 – Would expand the definition of transmission company in allowing for condemnation of property
  • HB 4483 – Expands the scope of transmission companies allowed to seek a certificate of necessity
Health Policy will meet on Wednesday (6/7) at 9:00 am to take up among other items:
Presentations from Patient/Consumer Groups:
  • Andrew Schepers, representing the American Cancer Society
  • Brianna Romines, representing the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan
  • Amy Zaagman, representing the Michigan Council for Maternal & Child Health
Natural Resources will meet on Wednesday (6/7) at 9:00 am to take up:
  • HB 4583 – Would allow reimbursements out of the underground storage tank fund to pay up to 50% (or $50,000) of the cost back to owners of remediation that took place prior to 2014
  • Michigan Waste and Recycling Association Presentation given by Kevin Kendall and Tonia Olson.
Submitted by:
Sean Hammond, Deputy Policy Director
Michigan Environmental Council
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