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We’re Talking Trash in Grand Rapids on Jan. 10

Did you know that Michigan has the lowest recycling rate in the Great Lakes region? That’s right, Ohio has us beat. But we have good news! We’ve been hard at work revamping Michigan’s solid waste law. If the current version is passed, it’ll boost recycling, composting and generate new green jobs. Join Michigan Environmental Council for “Talking Trash” -- the first in our new Michigan Distilled event series. Our resident recycling expert will share more about the bill, how it’ll affect West Michigan and what you can do to help it pass.
View ArticleJan 10, 2018  •  Fall 2017 / Winter 2018 - Michigan Environmental Report
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State Legislature gives the green light to E-Bikes

On Wednesday, October 11, the Senate Outdoor Recreation and Tourism committee approved legislation that creates a framework for the legal operation of electric-assist bicycles (e-bikes) in Michigan.
View ArticleOct 12, 2017  •  Fall 2017 / Winter 2018 - Michigan Environmental Report

Matt Cullen: Reimagining the Motor City

The downtown Detroit of today stands in stark contrast to the Detroit of ten years ago; a new energy pulses through the city’s core, a feeling of possibility and hope for a better future. New residents and businesses are moving into formerly blighted buildings. The abandoned industrial sites along the riverfront are being replaced with parks and bicycle paths. A new streetcar is inspiring residents to rethink mobility in the Motor City.
View ArticleSep 22, 2017  •  Fall 2017 / Winter 2018 - Michigan Environmental Report
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