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Summer 2009

Vol. 27 Issue 3

‘Complete Streets’: 21st century path to a vibrant future for Michigan’s cities

Lists of reasons to support policies making it easy to walk, bike and connect seamlessly with public transit read like a too-good-to-be-true advertising gimmick: save money, burn less gas, spew less pollution, revitalize core cities, get in better shape, curb obesity and make our streets safer.
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Innovative fuel cell manufacturer putting laid-off autoworkers back on the job

A growing company whose cutting edge energy technology is used primarily by the military is making its move into the lucrative commercial market and hiring laid-off Michigan autoworkers to help make that transition.
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Saving energy, reducing costs are goals of MEC’s work behind the scenes

Utilities in Michigan are implementing Clean Energy legislation passed by the Michigan Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm last year (Public Acts 286 and 295 of 2008). Key components of that legislation require new programs in energy efficiency and renewable power. The legislation was a compromise supported by the Michigan Environmental Council, which fought for stronger measures to secure cost savings through energy efficiency and energy independence from renewable power.
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Pact reached: Nestlé agrees to reduced water taking in Mecosta County

A grassroots Michigan group declared victory on behalf of the state’s water resources in July after a protracted nine-year battle with an international corporation’s water bottling operation in West Michigan. Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWC), an MEC member group, stopped Nestlé Waters North America from pumping more water from a stressed stream in Mecosta County as part of a settlement agreement announced July 7.
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President's Column: ‘Teleological planning’: My $64,000 phrase for Michigan in 2060

When I was at the University of Michigan, Dr. Greg Daneke taught energy policy. Besides introducing us to amazing ideas and cutting-edge thinkers (e.g., Amory Lovins), he taught a concept called “teleological planning.” That was and still is my $64,000 phrase.
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Path to cheaper, cleaner trash disposal in Detroit rife with political pitfalls

Politics and constant transition in Detroit’s leadership this year has frustrated Detroiters working to establish cleaner, cheaper alternatives to the Detroit incinerator for disposal of the city’s garbage. But MEC Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy has been at the forefront of the effort, meeting with mayoral staffers and key allies in Detroit in an effort to keep the politics of confusion from undermining good policy decisions.
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Bicycles, yes! But a complete streets policy encompasses much, much more

If Complete Streets in Michigan were just about bicycle riders, it would just be another small interest group lobbying in its own self-interest.
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