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Michigan Environmental Report

Summer 2010

Vol. 28 Issue 3

Natural gas frenzy raises questions about toxic chemicals, water use

An explosion of interest in natural gas exploration in Michigan has set the stage for a new gas rush that could stimulate the economy, fund key state environmental programs and bring a measure of energy independence. But it also has the potential to contaminate drinking water, mar natural landscapes and degrade the Great Lakes ecosystem.
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RELATED TOPICS: land use, water protection

Rail forums build momentum for a more connected future

Part way through a run of 16 public forums on the future of Michigan’s rail system, it’s clear that people from all walks of life crave more options for getting around the Great Lakes State.
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President's Column: Pure Michigan means protecting, as well as promoting, our state’s natural assets

In August, I spent time exploring parts of Michigan I had never really visited until now. Walking along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Ludington I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of our state and the natural assets that we too often take for granted.
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RELATED TOPICS: conservation, green economy

Bell ringers! Environmental successes won in recent weeks

In each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report, we celebrate accomplishments by MEC and member groups.
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More toxic chemicals, huge water withdrawals expected with natural gas boom in Michigan

A prospective new natural gas boom in Michigan is rekindling old concerns and raising new environmental and public health issues.
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RELATED TOPICS: water protection

What’s in your shale layer?

Below is a partial list of chemicals used by hydraulic fracturing companies in Pennsylvania, according to research by that state’s Department of Environmental Protection. Companies are not required to disclose the amounts or types of chemicals used in their fracking fluids.
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MEC Annual Awards Celebration

Gala on the RiverWalk: Two extraordinary women are honored at MEC awards event
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Editorial: Kalamazoo River a casualty of our dependence on dirty fuels, but change is on the way

One of the ugly costs of depending so exclusively on fossil fuels to power the nation’s economy was vividly illustrated in July when a 30-inch oil pipeline failed in Marshall, spewing nearly one million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River system
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TRIVIA TIME: Michigan’s own ugly oil spill

It will take years to determine the impact of an oil spill that sent nearly one million gallons of Enbridge Energy Partners crude spewing into a Kalamazoo River tributary this summer. The spill came on the heels of BP’s massive Gulf of Mexico disaster. Test your knowledge of Michigan’s spill.
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Complete Streets signed into law!

For 60 years, Michigan’s roads have been designed with little else in mind besides the automobile. Today, many in Michigan realize we can and should do better to incorporate the needs of all other road users. Doing so means safer streets, increasingly walkable and bikeable central cities, and more vibrant business districts.
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U.S. Social Forum, march against the waste incinerator an inspiration for lifelong Detroiter

Michigan Environmental Council Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy helped organize the four-day U.S. Social Forum in Detroit this summer—a gathering of more than 10,000 people from across the country committed to social and environmental justice and community empowerment. She was instrumental in organizing a march on the Detroit incinerator—more than 1,000 strong led by the Zero Waste Detroit coalition. The marchers called for recycling programs and healthier trash disposal options to replace the dirty trash burner. Here are some of her thoughts:
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Healthy Kids coalition educates candidates, asks support to safeguard children from toxic hazards

A coalition dedicated to protecting children from toxic exposure is asking Michigan candidates to take a stand this election season
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RELATED TOPICS: environmental toxins

Phosphate-free dish detergent now the law in Michigan; healthier lawn fertilizer up next

Phosphorus in automatic dishwasher detergents became a thing of the past in Michigan when a statewide ban took effect on July 1.
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Kirtland’s warbler conservation success celebrated with second in series of MEC-sponsored markers

The second in a series of environmental historical markers sponsored by the Michigan Environmental Council was dedicated in June at the junction of two major Michigan freeways.
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RELATED TOPICS: conservation
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