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Michigan Environmental Report

Summer 2011

Vol. 29 Issue 3

Bike sharing coming to Michigan?

A network of bike sharing stations throughout Lansing and East Lansing is the vision of organizers trying to raise money and interest in the program, which could be replicated in other Michigan cities if it is successful in mid-Michigan.
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President's Column: Lost amid tax cut fever

Lowering the cost of doing business in Michigan to grow our state’s economy has been a huge priority in Lansing this year. That focus has been almost entirely centered on taxes, including a $1.7 billion business tax cut by 2013. There is an overlooked cost center with more money-saving potential than tax cuts and far greater benefits for Michigan businesses and residents: energy costs. The amount Michiganders pay for energy rivals that of taxes, yet it has not been in the current administration’s sight lines.
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View from Cleveland: ‘It was no mirage, it was Michigan’

Occasionally, it takes an outsider to remind us how unique and spectacular our natural resources are in the Mitten State. Such was the case with Cleveland Plain Dealer travel writer Susan Glaser’s July 16 column sharing her awe and reverence during a family trip to Michigan’s West Coast sand dunes.
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Michigander Bike Tour’s 20th underscores value of Complete Streets policies

Peddling beneath a canopy of West Michigan trees, Michigander Bicycle Tour cyclists hit the trails July 16-22 for the 20th annual Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance two-, six- and seven-day bike tours.
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What we learned at Rice Camp in the farthest reaches of Michigan’s U.P.

Until a year and a half ago, I had no idea there was a type of rice that grows natively in Michigan. That’s when Roger Labine, a member of the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, responded to our request for grant partnerships for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
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Honeybees: Masters of design, economy, communication and teamwork

Summer’s colorful riot of flowers and fresh vegetables doesn’t happen without a little help from our friend, the humble honeybee. They pollinate those plants and provide tasty Michigan honey for our tables! At the Michigan Environmental Council, fifth-generation beekeeper Tim Fischer (deputy policy director and patriarch of Fischer Farms) has been watching with chagrin and amusement as Hugh McDiarmid (communications director) completes the Southeast Michigan Beekeepers Association’s (SEMBA) 2011 novice Beekeeping School. Whether McDiarmid’s lone beehive will thrive is still an open question at press time, but we did learn enough to offer this issue’s quiz on bee facts. See how you do!
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