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Michigan Environmental Report

Summer 2012

Vol. 30 Issue 3

For a clean energy future, vote yes on Proposal 3!

Michiganders have an historic opportunity to move our state into a future of clean, Michigan-made energy by adopting the 25 by 25 renewable energy initiative. Proposal 3 on your ballot this November requires Michigan’s electric utility companies to generate one-quarter of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Voters should adopt the initiative.
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President's Column: Don't believe the naysayers

Michigan’s utility companies are pouring millions into an expensive political ad campaign to confuse the voters on the renewable energy ballot initiative, Proposal 3. The proposal would raise our renewable electricity standard to 25 percent by 2025. There are plenty of great reasons to support Proposal 3 included in this edition’s special report. But it also is instructive to look at the most prevalent arguments against the ballot proposal and see why you shouldn’t believe the naysayers.
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NAACP campaigns for Proposal 3

The NAACP has launched its Your Energy, Your Power! Campaign to Increase Clean Energy, including their support for Proposal 3.
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