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Summer 2013

Vol. 31 Issue 3

Is it time to take the Kirtland's warbler off the Endangered list?

The Kirtland’s warbler is North America’s rarest songbird. They winter in the Bahamas, and more than 90 percent return to jack pine forests in northern Michigan each spring. Sounds like a pretty nice life, but the warbler has had a rough go of it. Twice in the past 40 years its population has dipped below 170 breeding pairs as modern forest fire suppression changed its habitat by eliminating the newly grown jack pine scrub forests that emerge from fire-scarred landscapes.
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133 Michigan scientists have a message for Governor Rick Snyder: Just say no

We asked University of Michigan School of Natural Resources Professor Bradley Cardinale, PhD, to answer some of our questions about the anti-biodiversity Senate Bill 78. The legislation would redefine the term “biodiversity” in state law and prohibit state agencies from designating public lands to protect biological diversity. The bill passed the State Senate and was pending in the Michigan House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee at press time.
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President's Column: 2013 - Could this be the Year of Climate Change Action?

The issue of climate change has remained more or less “in the closet” for the last four years. That changed when President Obama gave his major speech on climate change in June.
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Governor Milliken joins honorees at MEC's 15th annual awards event

Former Michigan Governor William Milliken headlined a roster of more than 175 friends and supporters who packed the City Club in Ann Arbor this summer for the Michigan Environmental Council’s 15th Annual Environmental Awards Celebration.
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Bell ringers! Environmental successes won in recent weeks

In each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report, we celebrate accomplishments by MEC and member groups.
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Transportation for Michigan blog: Simplifying wonky policy work so the rest of us understand what’s going on

Want to know why a Detroit highway widening project is a terrible idea? Or how better public transportation systems could reduce asthma rates? Or why a convoluted proposed transfer of state education dollars to fund public transit was dead on arrival at the State Capitol?
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Michigan Quiz

What do you know about the Kirtland’s warbler?
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