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Michigan Environmental Report

Winter 2014

Vol. 32 Issue 1

Latest state report on clean energy: Costs continue to drop

Electricity from renewable clean energy sources in Michigan is at least 26 percent less expensive than comparable coal-fired electricity, according to an annual analysis by the Michigan Public Service Commission recently released.
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President's Column: Show me your budget, I’ll tell you your values

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value,” Vice President Joe Biden is credited with saying. As a former State House Appropriations Committee member, my colleagues and I used to say “policy schmolicy.” All the policy in the world doesn’t matter unless you fund it!
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Michigan’s Archangel Ancient Tree Archive drawing national notice

For a tiny nonprofit headquartered in the northern Michigan village of Copemish, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive sure gets a lot of ink.
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Lansing, feds to create a green technology park behind the State Capitol

A parking lot behind the State Capitol building will be transformed into a public park, showcasing green infrastructure and renewable energy technologies with federal assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
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