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Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Wayne County – Detroit reduces housing-related health risks

Dec 5, 2013
No one would choose to live in a home poisoned with lead. But unless you know what to look for, the risk can be invisible. CLEARCorps/Detroit, MEC’s newest member group, makes those risks visible, educating families about the signs and dangers of lead poisoning and abating lead hazards from homes in Detroit.

CLEARCorps/Detroit and Michigan Environmental Council are among the partners working together in the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Detroit - Wayne County. The mission of GHHI Detroit-Wayne County is to reduce housing-related health risks to increase the quality of life for children and families in Detroit and Wayne County. This mission is pursued by adapting houses to reduce risks and make them more energy efficient as well as through creating safe and healthy homes standards through policy change, legal enforcement and advocacy.

Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors Recommended by the Detroit Enforcement Work Group
Finding a qualified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor is essential. Recently, the Detroit Enforcement Work Group, which includes CLEARCorps/Detroit and Michigan Environmental Council, compiled a list of companies which have met minimum standards. You can see the list on the CLEARCorps/Detroit website:
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