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MEC makes the case for a comprehensive energy plan before House Energy Policy Committee

May 7, 2015
MEC Policy Director James Clift and Energy Program Director Sarah Mullkoff testified May 7 before the House Energy Policy Committee, making the case that Michigan needs a comprehensive energy plan that controls costs, maintains electric reliability, minimizes risks to ratepayers, promotes economic development in Michigan and protects natural resources.

The hearing focused on a bill package introduced by Rep. Aric Nesbitt, the committee’s Republican chair. The bills propose a number of actions that would turn back the clock on the economic development, cost savings and carbon reductions Michigan has achieved since passing clean energy laws in 2008. For instance, they would repeal the energy efficiency standard and reclassify hazardous waste materials like scrap tires and railroad ties as “renewable” fuels.

Click here to review the presentation Clift and Mullkoff gave to the committee.

For more detail and context, see our blog post on the hearing.
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