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“I think he really does need to look closely at where the innovation is occurring, how much innovation are we seeing in the renewable and energy efficiency areas? We need to keep our transition to clean energy going because I think that’s what’s putting Michigan’s manufacturing base back to work, not some short-term construction jobs for a coal plant that will end up obligating Michigan ratepayers to buy more coal from out-of-state sources for the next 40 years.”

—MEC Policy Director James Clift on Michigan Radio’s Nov. 3 Environment Report talking about Governor-elect Rick Snyder

 “She had a ‘roll up your sleeves and find a solution’ type of attitude.”

—MEC President Chris Kolb in a Nov. 3 Detroit Free Press story on the retirement of Department of Natural Resources and Environment Director Rebecca Humphries

“Some of these pipelines run through critical areas and need to be inspected more often than other sections of pipelines. But the companies are under no obligation and don’t tell us which areas are considered critical areas.”

—MEC Communications Director Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., in an Oct. 28 WMMT Newschannel 3 (Kalamazoo) story on the Enbridge Energy oil spill

“The public’s feedback is expected to serve as a road map to ‘how we might reach the Michigan we all want and deserve for those who come after us,’ according to the council.”

—Grand Rapids Press Reporter Monica Scott, blogging on Oct. 27 about the release of MEC’s 50 Year Vision

“It’s ludicrous that I can’t catch a train to Detroit.”

—Grand Rapids resident Will Cronin, quoted in the Grand Rapids Press in an Oct. 14 story on the MEC-sponsored forum on the future of passenger rail, one of 16 such forums statewide

“We urge Mayor Bing to seize the moment and demonstrate a long-term vision by permanently replacing waste incineration with recycling jobs for our communities.”

—MEC Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy in an Oct. 21 Mobilization for Climate Justice Newswire report on the temporary closure of the Detroit garbage incinerator

“Hopefully some of the bad (legal) cases we’ve seen over the last decade were the exception to the rule, and this court and future courts will take positions that strongly protect the environment.”

—MEC’s Clift in an October Metro Times story on a pending Michigan Supreme Court decision that could determine if citizens have legal standing to protect the state’s natural resources (MEC filed an amicus brief to the court, supporting MEC member group Anglers of the AuSable, one of the plaintiffs in the case.)

“For once, Michigan’s economy is showing signs of diversification into solar energy, advanced batteries and wind turbine components. We need to know what the candidates plan to do to keep these positive trends going, and their plans for the future.”

—MEC’s Kolb in an Oct. 11 AnnArbor.com story about the state’s lone gubernatorial debate

“This is great news, a game changer.”

 —MEC President Kolb’s press statement, which appeared in dozens of publications statewide Oct. 24 after the announcement of $161 million in federal high speed rail dollars coming to Michigan

“If this $1.2 to $1.5 billion is re-granted, Michigan stands a good chance of getting some of this money.”

—MEC Deputy Policy Director Tim Fischer in a Nov. 15 MichiganNow radio report, suggesting Gov.-elect Rick Snyder should ask for federal railroad improvement money that Ohio and Wisconsin say they don’t want
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