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West Michigan Environmental Health Initiative earns federal honors, dollars

The Greater Grand Rapids Children’s Environmental Health Initiative recently earned recognition from federal agencies as one of four national models of community collaboration projects. The honor was bestowed upon the local initiative by a committee of environmental health experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It comes with $411,456 in new funding to address children’s environmental health in greater Grand Rapids.

The West Michigan Environmental Action Council will serve as the fiduciary of $300,000 of the new money—a grant awarded by the EPA’s CARE (Community Action for a Renewed Environment) program.

With grants from the EPA and CDC, the local initiative will educate the community and carry out programs designed to improve the health of children by helping families eliminate exposure to dangerous toxics in the home. The initiative will bring together efforts to reduce children’s exposure to toxics such as lead, carbon monoxide, radon, other indoor air pollutants, and mercury. Preventable childhood exposure to these toxics results in learning deficiencies associated with lead poisoning, asthma-related hospitalizations, cancer and long-term developmental harm to young children.

The initiative brings together various local, state and regional governmental departments and local community organizations to reduce hazards and improve children’s environmental health.
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