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Statement: Michigan Environmental Council applauds Consumers Energy sustainability plan released today

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Michigan Environmental Council praised the clean energy goals set by Consumers Energy in their sustainability plan released today.
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Trump's climate mistake highlights need for local leadership

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The Michigan Environmental Council and Michigan Climate Action Network issued the following statement Thursday in response to President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.
Read MoreJun 1, 2017

MEC cheers DTE plan to add clean energy, slash carbon emissions

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Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb issued the following statement in reaction to DTE Energy’s announcement that it will add 6,000 megawatts of renewable energy and cut its carbon emissions by more than 80 percent by 2050.
Read MoreMay 16, 2017

Michigan Environmental Council lays out policy agenda for 2017-2018

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Testing all children for lead exposure, passing a statewide code for septic systems and becoming the first state east of the Mississippi River to open an Office of Outdoor Recreation are among the priorities in a new policy agenda unveiled Monday by the Michigan Environmental Council.
Read MoreJan 30, 2017

Michigan Environmental Council Policy Priorities 2017-2018

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Following the Flint water crisis, it is clear that state government must refocus its attention on protecting public health and the environment. Michigan Environmental Council will focus on the following priorities in the 2017-2018 legislative session. These policy priorities were developed in collaboration with our member organizations from throughout Michigan.
Download ReportJan 30, 2017

100% renewable cities

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In a day of events in Traverse City focused on climate change, former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell encouraged community members to act locally and shared his vision of how setting a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025 is changing life for the better in Grand Rapids. “To achieve great things, you must set bold goals,” Heartwell said. Grand Rapids was the first city in Michigan to set such a goal in 2008, and there are now at least 19 cities around the U.S. with 100% renewable energy goals.
View ArticleJan 14, 2017  •  Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 - Michigan Environmental Report

MEC lauds passage of energy bills

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The Michigan Environmental Council praised state leaders Thursday for approving a comprehensive energy reform package that will continue the state's transition to a clean-energy economy and reduce energy costs for families and businesses while protecting public health and the environment. "This is an important victory more than two years in the making," said Chris Kolb, MEC president. "These bills are a vast improvement over earlier proposals and will keep Michigan's energy policy moving in the right direction.
Read MoreDec 15, 2016

Three key questions in Michigan's energy debate

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The Senate Energy and Technology Committee continues to deliberate on a package of bills that lay out a misguided approach to Michigan’s energy future—one that would suspend Michigan’s transition to cleaner energy sources, lead to major rate increases for Michigan families and throw a wrench in economic development in our state.
View ArticleAug 31, 2016  •  Spring/Summer 2016 - Michigan Environmental Report

Senate energy bills fail to protect Michigan ratepayers

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A pair of Senate bills to eliminate Michigan's wildly successful renewable power and energy efficiency standards will lead to major rate increases for families and slam the brakes on economic development in the state, the Michigan Environmental Council told lawmakers today.
Read MoreMay 4, 2016

MEC testimony on energy bills SB 437 and SB 438

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We believe the current versions of SB 437 and SB 438 are a step backwards for energy policy in Michigan. The bills fail to protect Michigan families and businesses from unreasonable rate increases, fail to protect public health and will impede economic development within the state.
Download ReportMay 4, 2016

International recognition, stellar placement rate make KVCC training program a wind industry leader

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As rain-flecked gusts off the Straits of Mackinac tousle trees near peak fall color, a group of students from Kalamazoo Valley Community College is grilling hot dogs and razzing each other. There’s plenty of laughter during the lunch break, but it’s serious business that has kept them at the tip of the Lower Peninsula for nearly a week. The technicians-in-training are performing routine maintenance to ensure a pair of wind turbines near Mackinaw City’s wastewater treatment plant continue turning strong straits winds into clean, renewable electricity for Michigan homes and businesses.
View ArticleMar 20, 2015  •  Winter 2015 - Michigan Environmental Report
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16th Annual Environmental Awards Celebration

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Please join us on Wednesday, July 9 in Ann Arbor in celebrating the vision and achievements of Rich Vander Veen and Steve Hamilton—two outstanding environmental champions!
View ArticleJul 7, 2014

Rich Vander Veen: Guiding communities to clean-power prosperity

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Corn and soybeans are the cash crops for brothers Kent and Olin Humm, seventh-generation farmers near the Gratiot County village of Breckenridge. But the payments they receive for the four wind turbines on their 3,000 acres sure don’t hurt. “We’re not out working in the field today,” said Kent Humm in his workshop on a wet spring afternoon, “but we’re still making money.” That’s music to the ears of clean-energy entrepreneur Rich Vander Veen, the 2014 recipient of the Michigan Environmental Council’s Helen and William Milliken Distinguished Service Award.
View ArticleJul 3, 2014  •  Spring 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report

Latest state report on clean energy: Costs continue to drop

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Electricity from renewable clean energy sources in Michigan is at least 26 percent less expensive than comparable coal-fired electricity, according to an annual analysis by the Michigan Public Service Commission recently released.
View ArticleApr 23, 2014  •  Winter 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report

Report: Proposal 3 will reduce energy costs for Michigan ratepayers

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Generating one quarter of Michigan’s electricity from renewable sources by 2025 would not have a significant impact on electricity rates and would actually reduce energy costs in the long term, a study released today concludes.
Read MoreOct 2, 2012

25% by 2025: The Impact on Utility Rates of the Michigan Clean Renewable Electric Energy Standard

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America’s fossil fuel–dominated energy infrastructure is moving toward a more balanced system incorporating renewable resources that are clean, inexhaustible, and declining in costs. Michigan is part of this transition, one of 30 states with a requirement that electricity suppliers provide customers with a growing proportion of renewable energy. But at 10 percent by 2015, Michigan’s Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) is among the nation’s lowest. When that limit is reached, no further development is required under current law. An initiative on the November 2012 general election ballot, Proposal 3, is a Clean Renewable Electric Energy Standard that would build on Michigan’s current RES. It would require electricity providers to use renewable resources for 25% of their generation by 2025. To protect consumers, the RES includes a cost cap ensuring that compliance with Proposal 3 cannot cause electric rates to increase by more than 1% in any year. Using data from the companies’ federal and state regulatory filings, forecasts by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and other available information, this analysis examines the likely effect of Proposal 3 on ratepayer electricity costs.
Download ReportOct 2, 2012

Ballot drive aims to let voters decide Michigan’s energy future

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One quarter of Michigan’s electricity would be generated from renewable sources by 2025 under a proposal that supporters hope to place on the November 2012 ballot. The state’s Board of Canvassers approved petition language for the issue on Jan. 20.
View ArticleApr 20, 2012  •  Winter 2012 - Michigan Environmental Report
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By The Numbers

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60: Percentage of Michigan electricity generated by coal 1.8: Billions of dollars Michiganders send to other states to buy coal to generate electricity
View ArticleApr 5, 2012  •  Winter 2012 - Michigan Environmental Report

Poll: Midwestern, Michigan voters favor transition toward clean energy sources

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Almost 70 percent of Michiganders believe clean energy industries are job creators
Read MoreFeb 20, 2012
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Great Lakes chief Patty Birkholz: Wind energy can be part of a healthy energy mix for Michigan’s future

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Patty Birkholz, director of Michigan’s Office of the Great Lakes, talked wind energy recently with MEC member group Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI). While she wouldn’t speculate about when – or how vigorously – Gov. Rick Snyder might take up the issue of offshore wind turbines, she did say the administration supports wind energy. 
View ArticleJan 31, 2012  •  January 2012 Online - Michigan Environmental Report
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Wind and faith

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MEC member group Michigan Interfaith Power and Light (MIPL) brought together clergy from a half-dozen different faiths to tour the $440 million Gratiot County Wind Farm in November.
View ArticleDec 18, 2011  •  Fall 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

Study: More than 74,000 jobs will be created if clean energy ballot issue wins

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More than 74,000 Michigan jobs will be created if the Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs renewable energy ballot proposal passes in November, according to a new report from researchers at Michigan State University.
View ArticleAug 16, 2011  •  August 2012 Online - Michigan Environmental Report

Winds of change from Cape Cod

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Federal approval of Cape Cod wind farm opens doors to North American offshore turbines; is a call to action for Michigan legislators
Read MoreApr 28, 2010

Lake Michigan wind farm plan generates angst, highlights work of Wind Council

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Norwegian developers are proposing the state’s first offshore wind farm in Lake Michigan near Pentwater. The plan, for up to 200 turbines within two miles of Silver Lake sand dunes, has generated controversy statewide. Developer Scandia Wind Offshore LLC recently announced it was cutting the project size in half and moving it farther offshore in response to criticism. Although Scandia has not submitted any formal proposal for the wind farm, its publicity has brought the issue to the forefront of public discussion.
View ArticleMar 3, 2010  •  Winter 2010 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Tiny nation’s robust clean energy exports hold clues to remaking Michigan’s economy

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Copenhagen, Denmark—While policy makers in Washington and Lansing fight tooth-and-nail over how much support to provide clean energy industries, Denmark is charging full-speed ahead with a formidable array of government-backed technology innovations that have buoyed its economy, galvanized its citizens and made it a key exporter of renewable power ideas and hardware. Whether you admire or distrust the Danish approach that involves extensive government partnership and involvement with its citizens and private industry, one thing is clear: it has made the island nation a formidable global economic force that belies its tiny size.
View ArticleDec 1, 2009  •  Fall 2009 - Michigan Environmental Report
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From auto parts to wind turbines: One company’s clean energy success story

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The future of Michigan’s clean energy manufacturing economy thrives in a pair of low-slung buildings in a sand-swept industrial park on Lake Michigan’s shore. Windspire wind turbines—a first generation of small windmills geared toward individual homes and businesses—are churned out by workers whose auto industry jobs have evaporated.
View ArticleJun 5, 2009  •  Spring 2009 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Michigan’s offshore winds harbor vast potential for energy, economic development

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Our beloved Great Lakes are our nation’s most valuable fresh water haven. But in the age of peak oil, renewable energy standards and grandiose ‘Pickens like’ energy plans, our lakes’ second most plentiful resource lies hundreds of feet above the waters. That resource is offshore wind energy.
View ArticleDec 15, 2008  •  Fall 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Entrepreneurs to legislature: Give us the tools to make Michigan a wind power player!

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Hoping to rouse a legislature distracted by the state’s budgetary woes, wind energy experts and entrepreneurs addressed their role in Michigan’s economy at the "Manufacturing and Developing Wind Energy Systems in Michigan" symposium held Sept. 10 and 11 at Michigan State University.
View ArticleOct 22, 2007  •  Fall 2007 - Michigan Environmental Report
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