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Transit Matters campaign finds online audience

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This spring, as the Michigan legislature worked to craft a bill package to increase transportation funding, Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) coalition members and staff promoted the importance of improving Michigan’s complete transportation system through their #TransitMatters social media and communications campaign. Insightful, fun and enlightening graphics highlighted the many reasons that funding our public transit, rail, waterways, trails and dial-a-ride services is just as important as funding our roads and bridges
View ArticleJul 1, 2014  •  Spring 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report

Michigander Bike Tour’s 20th underscores value of Complete Streets policies

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Peddling beneath a canopy of West Michigan trees, Michigander Bicycle Tour cyclists hit the trails July 16-22 for the 20th annual Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance two-, six- and seven-day bike tours.
View ArticleSep 10, 2011  •  Summer 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

Complete Streets signed into law!

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For 60 years, Michigan’s roads have been designed with little else in mind besides the automobile. Today, many in Michigan realize we can and should do better to incorporate the needs of all other road users. Doing so means safer streets, increasingly walkable and bikeable central cities, and more vibrant business districts.
View ArticleAug 30, 2010  •  Summer 2010 - Michigan Environmental Report

State Legislature encourages vibrant cities with passage of Complete Streets measure today

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Complete streets will maximize tools like sidewalks, bike lanes and curb cuts to link people to businesses, public transit and workplaces.
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Dangerous by Design -- Michigan

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Walking on streets designed more for speeding cars than for people on foot can be deadly. More than 4,500 Americans died last year while crossing the street or walking to school, a bus stop, or the grocery store.
Download ReportNov 9, 2009

‘Complete Streets’: 21st century path to a vibrant future for Michigan’s cities

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Lists of reasons to support policies making it easy to walk, bike and connect seamlessly with public transit read like a too-good-to-be-true advertising gimmick: save money, burn less gas, spew less pollution, revitalize core cities, get in better shape, curb obesity and make our streets safer.
View ArticleAug 31, 2009  •  Summer 2009 - Michigan Environmental Report

Bicycles, yes! But a complete streets policy encompasses much, much more

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If Complete Streets in Michigan were just about bicycle riders, it would just be another small interest group lobbying in its own self-interest.
View ArticleAug 28, 2009  •  Summer 2009 - Michigan Environmental Report

Lansing City Council adopts Complete Streets and Non-Motorized Plan ordinance

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The Lansing City Council voted unanimously last night to adopt a Complete Streets and Non-Motorized Plan Ordinance. This is a big victory for cyclists and pedestrians in Lansing, and for the Complete Streets movement in Michigan.
Read MoreAug 17, 2009
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