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Lansing, feds to create a green technology park behind the State Capitol

Michigan Environmental Report
A parking lot behind the State Capitol building will be transformed into a public park, showcasing green infrastructure and renewable energy technologies with federal assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
View ArticleApr 22, 2014  •  Winter 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Bike sharing coming to Michigan?

Michigan Environmental Report
A network of bike sharing stations throughout Lansing and East Lansing is the vision of organizers trying to raise money and interest in the program, which could be replicated in other Michigan cities if it is successful in mid-Michigan.
View ArticleSep 11, 2011  •  Summer 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Michigander Bike Tour’s 20th underscores value of Complete Streets policies

Michigan Environmental Report
Peddling beneath a canopy of West Michigan trees, Michigander Bicycle Tour cyclists hit the trails July 16-22 for the 20th annual Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance two-, six- and seven-day bike tours.
View ArticleSep 10, 2011  •  Summer 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

Road map to a better trail system

Michigan Environmental Report
If citizens and state policy makers decide that a robust, interconnected system of recreational trails is a state priority, now they have a trail map to get them there.
View ArticleJul 21, 2007  •  Summer 2007 - Michigan Environmental Report

Marquette guides its residents and tourists

Michigan Environmental Report
As spring kicks off early in the Upper Peninsula this year, Northern Options Energy Center is touting the recently developed GreenWays maps of Marquette’s non-motorized trails.
View ArticleMay 15, 2007  •  Spring 2007 - Michigan Environmental Report
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