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Polly Products of Michigan turns your milk jugs into park benches

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Simple and functional, the humble park bench rarely attracts a second look. It’s a ubiquitous feature of our public spaces and streetscapes. No wonder most passersby take it for granted.
View ArticleAug 6, 2017  •  Spring / Summer 2017 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Freshwater Dune Summit to celebrate globally rare Great Lakes coastal sand dunes

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Outdoor adventurers, sand dune advocates, academic researchers and tourism professionals will gather in Muskegon May 7-8 to celebrate the region's globally rare freshwater dunes and the unique quality of life they provide for Great Lakes coastal communities. The first Freshwater Dune Summit, held at the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor, will combine insights from expert speakers with opportunities for exploring the Lake Michigan shoreline and enjoying the local food and beer scene.
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Freshwater Dune Summit is May 7-8 in Muskegon; #howyoudune combines advocates, science and adventure in support of Great Lakes coastal dunes

Michigan Environmental Report
Registration is now open for this first-time event welcoming outdoor adventurers, sand dune advocates, academic researchers and tourism professionals with a casual mix of recreation, information, and local food and beer, all in celebration of the beauty and value of our amazing natural asset.
View ArticleMar 17, 2017  •  Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 - Michigan Environmental Report

Michigan Environmental Council lays out policy agenda for 2017-2018

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Testing all children for lead exposure, passing a statewide code for septic systems and becoming the first state east of the Mississippi River to open an Office of Outdoor Recreation are among the priorities in a new policy agenda unveiled Monday by the Michigan Environmental Council.
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MEC uses panel appointment to push for more recycling and composting, less landfilling

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Michigan’s landfill-first approach to waste management is getting a much-needed overhaul, and MEC is helping to lead the charge. For more than a year, Deputy Policy Director Sean Hammond has served on the state’s Solid Waste and Sustainability Advisory Panel (SWSAP), created by the Department of Environmental Quality to review Part 115 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, which regulates solid waste management. The SWSAP also includes Kerrin O’Brien, executive director of MEC member group Michigan Recycling Coalition, along with local governments, waste industry representatives and others. While it is different from the Governor’s Recycling Council created a year earlier specifically to increase residential recycling rates, the groups play complimentary roles in moving recycling forward in Michigan.
View ArticleJan 15, 2017  •  Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 - Michigan Environmental Report

Coast-to-Coast passenger rail project is worth pursuing and potentially profitable, study finds

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Passenger rail service reconnecting Detroit with Grand Rapids could generate millions of dollars in annual profits and provide well over a million trips per year, a study released Monday finds.
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Program seeks partners to unlock recycling potential in Detroit

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Curbside recycling is finally available throughout the City of Detroit, but the $25 fee for a recycling cart is a significant hurdle for many residents. A donation program launched today by the Zero Waste Detroit coalition and the Michigan Environmental Council aims to help put recycling within reach for everyone who wants to participate.
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President's Column: President’s Award spotlights successful campaigns

Michigan Environmental Report
It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the negativity in our political decision-making process that we forget to see how much good is actually getting done in our communities.
View ArticleDec 2, 2014  •  Summer / Fall 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report

Rich Vander Veen: Guiding communities to clean-power prosperity

Michigan Environmental Report
Corn and soybeans are the cash crops for brothers Kent and Olin Humm, seventh-generation farmers near the Gratiot County village of Breckenridge. But the payments they receive for the four wind turbines on their 3,000 acres sure don’t hurt. “We’re not out working in the field today,” said Kent Humm in his workshop on a wet spring afternoon, “but we’re still making money.” That’s music to the ears of clean-energy entrepreneur Rich Vander Veen, the 2014 recipient of the Michigan Environmental Council’s Helen and William Milliken Distinguished Service Award.
View ArticleJul 3, 2014  •  Spring 2014 - Michigan Environmental Report

2014 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference

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The theme of this year’s conference is Repair America and will focus on repairing the infrastructure systems we rely on every day to create good jobs and address climate change.
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President's Column: Improving Michigan's abysmal recycling rate

Michigan Environmental Report
Sometimes it feels like Michigan is stuck in the 1970s, especially when it comes to environmental and conservation issues. One glaring example is recycling. Michigan had one of the first and best bottle deposit laws, and one of the first curbside recycling programs in the country. Since then, some communities have invested in recycling, but not enough. Most of the nation has passed us by.
View ArticleDec 10, 2013  •  Fall 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report

Job Opening - MEC Energy Program Director

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The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) seeks a full-time Energy Program Director to lead our organization’s efforts to promote widespread deployment of energy efficiency and renewable power through public policy reform.
View ArticleSep 9, 2013

MEC’s new green headquarters near Capitol offers access and meeting space

Michigan Environmental Report
The historic Morgan B. Hungerford House at 602 W. Ionia Street just blocks from the Capitol building is the Michigan Environmental Council’s new home.
View ArticleMar 22, 2013  •  Winter 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report

Bell ringers! Environmental successes won in recent weeks

Michigan Environmental Report
In each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report, we celebrate accomplishments by MEC and member groups.
View ArticleMar 17, 2013  •  Winter 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report

Grass to gas?

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Legislation decried by environmental groups may soon legalize methane production via grass clippings
View ArticleMay 21, 2012

Bill would send yard waste to dumps; ‘guaranteed bankruptcy’ for composters

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Bills being considered by the Michigan House of Representatives today would drive the state’s composting operations out of business.
Read MoreMar 15, 2012

MEC strongly urges Representatives to reject HB 4265 and HB 4266 -- yard waste ban exemption

Michigan Environmental Report
More greenhouse gases, more landfills and more layoff notices make these bills bad policy for the State of Michigan. Instead Michigan should be exploring policies that would make us a clean energy leader around the country.
View ArticleMar 14, 2012  •  March 2012 Online - Michigan Environmental Report

Legislation seeks to rescind 17-year-old ban on landfilled yard waste; compost industry jobs at stake

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The Michigan House of Representatives is debating bills that would rescind the state’s 17-year ban on yard waste in landfills – a move that would cost jobs in the state’s burgeoning compost industry and eliminate an industry that provides valuable, nutrient-dense compost to Michigan homes and businesses.
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Michigan fly fishing: Best in the nation!

Michigan Environmental Report
Michigan has the best fly fishing in the nation. Better than legendary Western destinations like Idaho, Wyoming and Montana according, to the “Best 12 States for Fly Fishing” rankings from Fly Talk, the fly fishing blog of Field & Stream magazine.
View ArticleJun 6, 2011  •  Spring 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

How one state capitalizes on its fishing identity

Michigan Environmental Report
North Carolina didn’t make Field and Stream’s list of the top ten fly-fishing states, but its mountainous western flank has a wealth of tumbling streams with names like Whitewater River, Raven Fork and Rough Butt Creek.
View ArticleJun 5, 2011  •  Spring 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report
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New DEQ chief Dan Wyant: Looking to economic gardening to grow, protect Michigan

Michigan Environmental Report
As a boy, Dan Wyant used to stop traffic on US-131 near Schoolcraft to let his grandfather’s 20 head of dairy cows march across the highway to be milked.
View ArticleMar 23, 2011  •  Winter 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

New DEQ chief Dan Wyant: Looking to economic gardening to grow, protect Michigan

Michigan Environmental Report
As a boy Dan Wyant used to stop traffic on U.S. 131 near Schoolcraft to let his grandfather’s 20 head of dairy cows march across the highway to be milked. Times and technology changed. Today Wyant directs the state agency that oversees enforcement of pollution laws – including laws regulating huge factory farms that house thousands of cattle and produce waste equivalent to a medium-sized city.
View ArticleJan 20, 2011  •  January 2011 Online - Michigan Environmental Report
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Blueprint for a better Michigan, circa 2060, released by MEC

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The first public draft of a sweeping vision for a thriving, sustainable Michigan in the year 2060 was released this fall for public input.
View ArticleDec 15, 2010  •  Fall 2010 - Michigan Environmental Report

President's Column: Pure Michigan means protecting, as well as promoting, our state’s natural assets

Michigan Environmental Report
In August, I spent time exploring parts of Michigan I had never really visited until now. Walking along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Ludington I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of our state and the natural assets that we too often take for granted.
View ArticleAug 29, 2010  •  Summer 2010 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Detroit joins Michigan cities vowing aggressive cuts in global warming pollution

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Detroit today joined the growing ranks of cities embracing a green economy and taking the initiative against climate change, committing to cut its greenhouse gas emissions significantly during the next several years.
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Innovation, inquiry is goal of upcoming Bioneers conference in Detroit

Michigan Environmental Report
Social and scientific innovators from across the country will descend on Marygrove College in Detroit Oct. 17-19 for the fourth annual Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit conference.
View ArticleAug 11, 2008  •  Summer 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report

The curse of small-bore thinking

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Michigan leaders need to think bigger. For decades, we’ve slipped out of national leadership on the economy, education, cultural resources and environmental protection. At best, we’re a pale shadow in the middle of the pack in each of these arenas. And we’re still bleeding.
View ArticleMay 29, 2008  •  Spring 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report

House energy pact means lower cost, cleaner energy for Michigan's future

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An energy package passed by the Michigan House of Representatives will mean lower cost, cleaner electricity for Michigan’s future according to analysis by the Michigan Environmental Council.
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Senate passes renewable energy initiative for state government; A small first step

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Legislation requiring state government to purchase renewably generated electricity is a useful first step toward a statewide clean energy policy. But the measure, passed by the Michigan State Senate today, is primarily symbolic because it affects significantly less than 1 percent of the state’s electricity generation.
Read MoreMar 27, 2008
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Federal energy bill takes big step forward with first fuel economy increases in decades

Michigan Environmental Report
The first increases in federal automotive fuel economy standards in more than three decades passed Congress in December, drawing cheers from leading Michigan environmental groups, including the Michigan Environmental Council.
View ArticleJan 1, 2008  •  Winter 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Report: Energy efficiency, renewable power would give economy a shot of adrenaline

Michigan Environmental Report
The Michigan Environmental Council teamed with a Washington, DC nonprofit in December to release a report documenting the economic benefits of investing in energy efficiency and renewable power. The release was part of MEC’s sustained effort to convince Michigan legislators to establish a renewable energy standard and aggressive energy efficiency programming for the state’s ratepayers. At press time, MEC and its allies were continuing to press for those programs. Below is a summary of the report, which concludes that renewable power and efficiency is a win-win for the economy and environment.
View ArticleJan 1, 2008  •  Winter 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Real or fake?

Michigan Environmental Report
Paper or plastic? Cans or bottles? And as the holiday season approaches, add this dilemma: Real or fake? Every year, millions of consumers face the same choice—a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?
View ArticleOct 22, 2007  •  Fall 2007 - Michigan Environmental Report
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